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RedLEDFlashing.gif (995 bytes)2017 MAWG  AEROSPACE EDUCATION DISPLAY COMPETITIONRedLEDFlashing.gif (995 bytes)


     The Theme for the 2017 MAWG AE Display Contest is;



1.       The theme for the 2017 MAWG AE Display Contest is “Drones.”  We are looking for teams to present and solve issues relating to Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) or Drones. 


2.       At this time, the AE Display Contest will be for cadets only, but we are investigating the possibility of an additional contest for senior members.


3.       Contest rules are below.






Present an interactive exhibit of an issue or problem relating to Drones or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, and how this issue/problem can be solved.  Project teams should research thoroughly, determine the technical aspects, and identify any regulations that exist that pertain to the problem (and any proposed regulation changes).  The teams will be evaluated in accordance with how well they researched the problem and feasibility of their solution.


All exhibits should be able to be accommodated on or within the area of two (2) 3x6 foot tables (36 sq ft).




An Aerospace Education award will be presented to the Squadron display that is the most meaningful, worthy, and effective.


1. Theme (project addresses assigned theme) – 20 points

2. Visual (display effectively communicates ideas and concepts) – 20 points

3. Substance (project identifies and explores relevant issues) – 20 points

4. Verbal (Cadets’ oral proficiency of the material) – 20 points

5. Design (craftsmanship and creativity of the physical display) – 20 points



1.     Uses for Drones/UAVs

2.     How Drones/UAVs can function within the National Airspace System (how they can avoid other planes or drones

3.     Methods of controlling Drones/UAVs (autonomous vs. piloted)

4.     Maintaining privacy of citizens (so drones can’t “spy” on people)

5.     Scaling up Drones/UAVs (unpiloted airliners?)

6.     Military/Government use of Drones/UAVs


RedLEDFlashing.gif (995 bytes)2017 MAWG HISTORY EXHIBIT CONTEST   RedLEDFlashing.gif (995 bytes)


The theme for the 2017 MAWG CAP History Exhibit Contest is;

Bring Them Home:  Rescue Missions During World War II


1.  Teams will conduct focused research and create an exhibit highlighting one rescue mission that took place during World War II.

2.  Please contact 1st Lt. Joshua Bell to inform him which mission your team will be presenting so that multiple teams do not present the same mission.

3.  This contest is for cadets only.

4.  The judges will be determined at a later date.

5.  Contest rules are below.


Civil Air Patrol flies more than 85% of all land rescue missions in the United States. Each year CAP is credited with saving the lives of between 75 and 100 people. In the dark days of the Second World War CAP pilots were not only tasked with patrolling the Eastern seaboard searching for German naval vessels, they also searched for and rescued downed pilots (sometimes other members of Civil Air Patrol) and U.S. Naval and Merchant Marine personnel whose ships had been sunk by German u-boats. This search and rescue function of Civil Air Patrol extended to the continent where they searched for missing civilians.

Teams will research and present on one rescue mission Civil Air Patrol participated in during World War II. Teams are encouraged to highlight individuals when appropriate. Teams should prepare a 5 - 10 minute presentation explaining their topic’s relationship to the theme.

Exhibits should be able to be accommodated on or within the area of one (1) 3x6 foot table (18 sq ft).


An award will be presented to the Squadron exhibit with the highest score from the following criteria:

1. Theme (up to 5 points each)

Clearly relates topic to the theme

Demonstrates the significance of topic in history and draws conclusions

2. Clarity of presentation (up to 5 points each)?

Exhibit, written material is original, clear, appropriate, and organized

Exhibit is organized, has visual impact, correctly uses maps, photos, etc.

Cadets offer clear oral explanation of exhibit and topic

3. Historical quality (Up to 5 points each)?

Entry is historically accurate

Shows analysis and interpretation

Places topic in historical context

Uses primary sources

A bibliography is provided (teams should have at least two dozen copies


RedLEDFlashing.gif (995 bytes)2017 MAWG Safety DisplayRedLEDFlashing.gif (995 bytes)


The theme for the 2017 MAWG CAP Safety Contest is;

The use of Technology to Improve the Safety around us

 Option 1:  Create a display or presentation to show how current technolgy can be used to improve the safety or situational awareness around us

Option 2:  Create a display or presentation for a new futuristic App, Device or Technology to improve the Safety around us



An Award will be presented to the Squadron exhitibit with the highest score based on the following criteria:

1.  Theme (Project addresses the assigned theme)  up to 20 points
2.  Visual (Display effectively communicates ideas and concepts)  up to 20 points
3.  Substance (Project identifies and explores relevant issues and benefits) up to 20 points
4.  Verbal (Cadest oral proficiency and ability to present the material) up to 20 points
5.  Design (Creativity and craftsmanship of the display or presentation) up to 20 points

Ideas or Suggestions:

The NextGen Air Traffic Modernization System
Automobile Advanced Safety
Personal Electronic Devices
Technologically Advanced Aircraft
Technolgy in the Work Place