Saturday Afternoon April 1, 2017


Time Centerville Room "A" Centerville Room "B" Osterville Room "A" Osterville Room "B" Orleans Room "A" Orleans Room "B"
1300-1345 IG Roundtable - PPreparing for your SUI
Lt Col Ray Fallon
Lt Col Tim Nelson
Aerospace:  Hands-on Activities (Part 1)
Lt Col Shelley Rosenbaum-Lipman
Chaplain Program/Character Development Forum
Lt Col Matthew Wissel
Cadet Programs:  What's New and Best Practices
Maj James Mazzola

Cadet Speech Competition

1400-1445 Logistics & Transporation Forum
Col William Meskill
Emergency Services Roundtable
Capt James O'Connell
Aerospace:  Hands-on Activities (Part 2)
Lt Col Shelley Rosenbaum-Lipman
Morale, Welfare and Recreationd (MWR)
Maj Steven Lauzon
Norwich University Roundtable
Guest Presenter
Cadet Speech Competition
1500-1545 Communications Roundtable
Maj Ryan Mastomatteo
Professional Development Forum
Lt Col John Horvath
Aerospace Roundtable Discussion
Lt Col Shelley Rosenbaum-Lipman
Personnel:  Discussion on Awards and Promotions
Lt Col Keith Raymond
AFROTC & CAP Discussion
Guest Presenter
Cadet Speech Competition
1600-1645 Wing Commanders Roundtable
Col Everett Hume
Uniforms:  Wearing them proudly and correctly
Public Affairs Forum
Lt Col Keith Raymond
Recruitment &  Retention
CAC Roundtable Discussions
C/Lt Col Daniel Para (CAC Chair)
Cadet Speech Competition

Sunday Morning, April 2, 2017

Location TBD      
0900-1000 Commanders Call      
1000-1100 Commanders Call      
1100-1200 Commanders Call      

(seminars and times subject to change)