Cadet Protocol

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Cadet Protocol for the 2018 Massachusetts Wing Conference & Banquet




         Cadets will be in assigned uniform of the day at all designated times. 

         Cadets will wear their earned grade at all times while in uniform, conference ID badges will be worn at all times. 

         Only those cords prescribed in CAPM 39-1, NER Uniform Supplement or MAWG Uniform Supplement may be worn over the course of the conference. 

         All cadets are required to attend seminars unless they are cadet aides or manning a cadet display. (Only two cadets are to staff their cadet displays at one time and must be rotated throughout the day) 

         Cadets will at all times hold the bearing and adhere to the customs and courtesies that are required of a CAP cadet when dealing with superiors, peers, or subordinates.  

         Cadet drinking of any alcoholic beverages, smoking, doing drugs, or possessing drug paraphernalia will NOT be tolerated, is in violation of CAPR 52-16 and its supplement, and will result in the cadet being sent home from the conference at their expense. 

         All cadets will hold themselves to adult standards as ladies and gentleman. When males and females are in rooms together the door will be propped all the way open. Cadets should be in their own rooms once the “lights out” curfew is in place. 

         Cadets will adhere to the “lights out” curfew as published in the conference brochure and will observe the “quiet hours” as noted by the hotel. 

         Cadets will at no time disgrace the honor or integrity of the Northeast Region, Massachusetts Wing, Civil Air Patrol, the United States Air Force, the armed services, or the United States of America at any time in or out of uniform. 


The core values of the Civil Air Patrol establish a common set of behavioral expectations as well as a set of standards to assess member conduct. 

The values of Integrity, Volunteer Service, Excellence, and Respect serve as the ethical framework for CAP's service to America.


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