Conference Dress Requirements

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Massachusetts Wing HQ offers the following for your compliance.

Saturday Conference:  Uniforms are required   to participate at the days events. Options may include just about any cadet uniform such as blues with the exception of BDU's or flight suits which are not authorized for cadet wear during Saturday's event.


Banquet:  Time to dust off your manners and your dressy stuff. Male and female cadets are authorized to wear either the Class "A" service dress with tie/tab or Class "B" uniform with tie/tab. Evening gown, cocktail or Tea-length dress is an acceptable outfit for female cadets. Ladies should dress appropriately for a formal function. 


Seniors can wear the Class "B"/Aviator type without tie for the General Assembly and day activities. For the banquet, seniors should be in Class "A"/Blazer combination. CAP Mess dress or business suit and tie/formal gown is also acceptable


Sunday Departure: Cadets must depart the conference in the same manner they arrived. Departing cadets must be in either one of the following approved uniforms. There can be no exceptions!


 - Class "A" Service Uniform

 - Class "B" Uniform

 - BDU Uniform

 - Squadron T-Shirt/Polo Shirt and casual slacks (NO DENIM/DUNGUREES)


Note: Refer to CAPR 39-1 for the specifications for proper wear of any Civil Air Patrol uniform

If you have to squeeze into any of the acceptable uniform combinations, then it's not appropriate for wear. Be smart - Look Sharp.

There are a couple of other things to consider. Ensure that the uniform you choose is appropriate for your age, weight and grooming. If you don’t meet the standards, check with you Squadron Commander or designated senior before leaving your room.

How we present ourselves at the Wing Conference tends to imply a lot about the pride we take in CAP and most assuredly leaves a lasting impression on both our guests from other CAP organizations and the other folks we encounter in the hotel.


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